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The Long Hot Summer

This summer has been an incredible experience.

Long, it certainly was – bitterly long. I’ve been pulling my hair out for weeks now, waiting for it to be over, waiting to get out of this place, and waiting to feel productive again. Because when I’m here, it’s like everything stops – everything’s dead.

I don’t have any intention of coming back here. That much is definite. But I’m really starting to appreciate the growth that I’ve allowed myself in the last four months. I’ve made some personal discoveries over things that I’ve struggled with for years, and those discoveries are going to make progressing into the next phase of my life a whole lot easier. I gave myself some time to lay back, breathe, and grow a bit. I worked, and I waited, and I let time pass. I’ve never really done that before.

I’ve lost a few people these past couple months, but it was in a natural way. I’m not sad about it. I’m not sad about leaving home, either, like I was last year – all I feel is excitement. Nervous energy, and a drive to do things right this year. I always have goals for the new school year, but this year I think they’re attainable. For the first time in my life I have access to the BIG PICTURE. And it’s thrilling.

Understanding is thrilling.

I haven’t been doing much writing lately. But that’s alright, too. I’d lost a lot of inspiration; now I’m starting to get it back. It’s just another one of those things that I’m excited for.

I’m smiling a lot more these days, and it’s wonderful.

So here’s to the future, and here’s to the present that takes us there.

This is the end of my unofficial hiatus, in one way or another.

The Anonymous Aspect

I have completed the impossible.

I am a recognizable customer at my favourite Starbucks – officially. In a city with a population in the millions, my barista was able to not only place me, but comment that “I wasn’t wearing my hat today”.

And I didn’t think I wore it that often.

Obviously, the ‘one cup of coffee a week’ rule was thrown out the window a while ago. This was brought into play when I realized how much I enjoy sitting down in the shop – the one connected to the bookstore – with a cup of coffee and writing. There’s just something about being surrounded by words and novels that helps the creative juices start flowing.

Something that I need – I’ve gotta pump out two second chapters and finish a first chapter tonight in order to meet any semblance of a deadline for my fictionpress stories. But I’m excited. This is the first time that I’ve had so much inspiration to not only create a setting and characters, but also a story. And with my chapter a week plan, these stories will hopefully be complete by the end of the year.

And that will be something worth feeling proud about.

In other news, I attended alice in wonderland today. I didn’t have extremely high expectations (as I find that movies with this much hype generally fall flat), but I did intend to enjoy myself. What I didn’t foretell was leaving the theatre feeling incomplete about the storyline. The scenes by themselves were fantastic – visually, the movie was stunning, costumes and settings alike. But there was just something missing.

It reminded me of the essay I spent all night working on Thursday night – the thought was there, the intention, the feeling. The writer knew what they were trying to achieve, they just couldn’t figure out the right way to do it. But in all honesty, I thought that Tim Burton would be able to provide more completion.

The film felt like it was a movie using Alice in Wonderland as an excuse to tell another story. It was too much of an ‘epic’ (a very formulaic epic) to be Alice in Wonderland – the very attraction to Alice is the amount of detail and unexpected happenstance invested in whimsical wonderland. There was very little of that charm, that nonsense, in this movie. Too many plot devices were used that had no value either to the plot or to the emotional feel of the story. They were just devices, creating a plot. The plot and the characters were two separate entities, working beside one another, but not together. Altogether, it didn’t work. Individual scenes were fine. The actors were fine. The setting was fine. But the movie was a letdown.

Oh well. I’m not sure it was worth the fifteen dollars to see it in theatres, but it wasn’t a complete waste.

I give it a 70%. I’ve seen worse, I’ve seen better.

For now, I’ll just enjoy my coffee and get back to writing.

(The guy who recognized me ended his shift – I feel comfortably anonymous again in my bad habits.)

The New World

I’ve never been much of an online chapters writer, preferring to keep my writing between myself and my friends. But as of late I’ve decided that it’s time to come out of my shell and maybe get a bit of response outside of those writers with I’ve connected with on community sites. As such, voila, the creation of my first Fictionpress account.

I will be posting a newly written romance story – part satire, part drama – alongside what chapters I wrote of Dragon Air during Nanowrimo. Dragon Air is undergoing a severe unpheaval, and almost none, if any, of the scenes that are posted there will be kept in the next draft. But still, I figured I might as well put it out there. : ) Though beware – the writing is stressed and the pacing is ridiculous. I’ll try and fill in the holes that I missed.

London Fog, however, I’m excited for. I’ll be writing a new chapter for it every week, just as I’ll be posting a chapter for Dragon Air every week.

Here is a link to my account, and I hope you enjoy the stories. : )

I was having a lot of fun spending some time fleshing out this character for a period urban fantasy story (entitled Cynosure). Long story short, it takes place in the gilded era in NYC and involves a secret society of young adults who are descended from genuine magical entities. The members of this society have the ability to visit an in-between world that is half reality, half magic (as earth is slowly losing the ability to support magic), and the original magical spirits attempt to lure these people of ‘Old Blood’ back to the magical world (as, once these people turn twenty-five, they revert to fully human and the magic is lost forever).

But this part of the story has little to do with that. This is more about my character’s relationship with her lover, Maxwell Harbrough – a character written by a friend of mine. Here we go! (Again, first draft! My apologies for typos/awkward phrases.)

Lightly, ever so lightly, the door slipped shut behind her.

My, how far she had fallen – the great Rosaline Dukes, crown jewel of any worthwhile social event, was resorting to sneaking through the back entrance of the Harbrough family manor. It was with a most desperate secrecy that she slipped through the doorway, quietness in her every step. Rosa was never sure as to what Max expected of her, what she was implicated in doing now that he had involved her in what was – at least she hoped – his last secret.

But she would do it. Though it disgusted her to a small degree, there was no doubt to the fact. No matter what it was that he wanted her to do, so long as it did not fully compromise her own interests, Rosaline knew that she would happily conform to whatever ideals Maxwell carried of her. Had she not spent five months boiling beneath the surface of social anxiety, both reveling in and despising their relationship? Had she not silently accepted every moment of obvious yet unchangeable (though never quite outright) deceptions on his part? And had she not, under almost every circumstance, put her inhibitions and desperate worries aside to placate Maxwell’s sensitive tempers?

Nothing. As time passed, Rosaline found herself growing to feel that there was nothing she wouldn’t do for Maxwell Harbrough. She was an addict; his person, the intensity of his gaze on her, the feel of his skin in the depths of the night. The time that she spent in his company was a more forceful enchantment than even the strongest shot of liqueur, an intoxication to level with the sweet spring breezes of Vale. Stopping was not an option. There was no part of Rosa left that would let go of him without a fight – so instead, she suffered under what punishments were involved in having him. Delighted in them. Every pinch, every discomfort. Ms. Dukes did not care for conflict, yet Rosaline, it seemed, had developed the palate of a masochist.

So she bore her bruises – of any sort – proudly and with pleasure. They were marks from him, proof that he was there, that they were there; she would gladly trade mental tearing and bodily tenderness in exchange for the reassurance of them. And the silent throb of those inconveniences was nothing, absolutely nothing, in comparison to the pain and searing ache of being separated from him. Independence had been lost, her sense of personal liberty happily compromised for the need of him.

But it had to be understood. Rosaline did not need his conversation, nor his physical appearance. She did not require his liltingly morbid sense of humor or his delicately skilled hands. There was nothing about him physically or mentally that she craved; those traits were amiable additions, and while she appreciated them so fully as she could, they were not what drove her to such maniacal attachment. No. It was that strange, alluring sense of him – the possessiveness, or the desire of her. The feeling she carried when she was with him; that she was important, individual, beautiful, fantastic. That was the addiction. That was why she loved him.

Though she did love him for many other reasons besides.

While insecurity may always hold slight prevalence over her heart while they were separated, there was nothing quite like the freedom of being with him. She could be anyone she wanted to be; he knew all her faces and, she was sure, loved them individually, even those she was not so sure she loved herself. There was that of her young self which was still left in her, a sweet girl with a lightness in demeanor – the girl whom she imitated in day to day life occasionally still shone through with Max. There was her heinous, cold, rash self, who had condemned Charles and, since then, others more privately. Moments fell when she couldn’t help but feel that Max adored that self the most. There was the passionate girl, who delighted in their ravaging evenings; the cruel, venomous girl who mocked her peers; the bored, egotistical princess; and, of course, the woman who loved him.

Secretly, the last one was her favorite.

That woman who she became, the adoring, caring masterpiece of femininity. She was magnificent. Strong, elegant, and tender; yet still so much a viper to not be crossed. The person she wanted to be, she found in her relation to Maxwell. The wife, the mother- they were waiting to be found, born. This was the final piece, her final condemnation into loving him. Max held not only the them at his mercy, but the future her – and the prospect of that future breaking was enough to terrify her into silence and appeasal at any moment.

And we’ll end that there!

The Book Trailer

A long while back, I caught a glimpse of my friend June‘s book trailer – taking clips from movies already created in order to tell the story of her own. I was fascinated, but gave up on doing it for myself – a fantasy novel, after all, has such a significant amount of made up races and locations that generalizing it with precreated images seemed impossible. I also couldn’t bare to try and cast my characters realistically.

However, this weekend for some reason I was drawn to trying it out. I spent a good six hours on it, and all I can say is that I wish that I’d had enough spare time for this to not have eaten up so much homework time. But, regardless, I’m fairly happy with the result, and it’s significantly more inspiring to have at least an imitation of your story visible to many eyes.

Here is where it’s posted, and for some reason the quality has declined, so I would make sure to watch it in the small viewer.


Ego Boost

A friend sent me this today while I was burrowing through a couple of scenes. I suggest that you go to the blog posts entitled ‘Face Lift – Guess the Plot’. They’re truly terrible query letters that will make just about everyone feel better about themselves, haha. Edited by ‘Evil Editor’, the writer in charge of the blog.

Just take a click, and I’m sure you’ll be entertained.